These days cheerleading can be considered a sport where competitions pit teams against each other. The individual cheerleaders today are more physically fit than in the past because they are doing stunts that have them flying higher and in need of a stronger base. Below are some exercises that can help you develop strength for cheerleading. 1. Working on your core strength for cheerleader bases will help give a stronger mid section and help protect the back. A stronger core will assist in lifting and help you in all the stunts you may participate in. 2. Take advantage of weight lifting. This does not mean you have to go all out and bulk up, no need to work out that much. But if you can do some exercises with at least some light dumb bells for your arms, back, chest and shoulders you will make a difference. Not only will you gain some strength, it will also help prevent some injuries. 3. Strengthen the muscles in you legs and hips. Stronger leg muscles will help you jump higher and give you more stability as a base. You can do lunges, squats and toe raises. If you have a bike take advantage of it. After riding long enough to warm up do short distance sprints with a slow ride in between to catch your breath. 4. Just as important, you need a good diet of healthy food. Try to pass on the junk food as much as possible and eat lots of fruit and salads. You need to maintain your weight without going to extremes.